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Get 20% off guitar tab, sheet music and tuition books when you spend over £30 at MusicRoom

Get 20% off guitar tab, sheet music and tuition books when you spend over £30 at MusicRoom
(Image credit: Sean Whang/Pexels)

Was your resolution for 2020 to start learning an instrument, or to get better? Hopefully you’re well underway by now, but if you’re struggling to find inspiration, the latest sale from sheet music specialists MusicRoom could be right up your street.

Until 11:59 GMT on Saturday 29th February you can get 20% off all sheet music, guitar tab, tuition books, exam material and books about music when you spend more than £30. To bag your 20% discount all you need to do is load your basket with items totaling £30 or more and enter the code D2MLF0FK at the checkout.

MusicRoom also offers free UK delivery on orders over £15.

Whether you play guitar, bass, piano, ukulele or drums, and regardless of your skill level, MusicRoom has a wealth of books available to help you get better at your instrument, providing years of learning – from song books to help you learn tracks by The Beatles, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Ed Sheeran and Jimi Hendrix, to step-by-step tuition to help you reach new levels.

Shop MusicRoom’s treasure trove of sheet music for piano
Learn your first chords, master piano pieces from classic and contemporary composers or get stuck into country hits, there’s something for every type of pianist in MusicRoom's vast collection.View Deal

Explore drum tuition books at MusicRoom
Did you get a new acoustic or electronic drum set for Christmas? MusicRoom’s wealth of drum books will help you get a better understanding of rhythm, with tution books from drum set legends like Tommy Igoe and Mark Guiliana, as well as classic books including the drumming bible, Stick Control.View Deal

Buy guitar tab sheet music and songbooks for less
If you’re looking to expand your repertoire or boost your skill palette on electric or acoustic guitar, there are plenty of books to choose from. Learn tracks by AC/DC, Iron Maiden and more, or undertake a comprehensive beginner’s course with renowned guitar tutor Justin Sandercoe of Deal

Check out ukulele sheet music and songbooks at MusicRoom
The ukulele is one of the fastest growing and easiest to learn stringed instruments around. Learn the basics, master the hits and become a ukulele ninja with MusicRoom’s huge range of uke books.View Deal

Shop MusicRoom’s bass guitar tab and songbooks
If you have designs on becoming a master of low end, a little help can’t hurt. Whether you want to learn classic basslines, crack the blues or slap and pop your way to slap bass glory, you won’t be disappointed with MusicRoom’s tasty selection.View Deal

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