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With a whole raft of innovative virtual instruments and effects plugins under their belt, DSP whizzkids AudioThing have proven themselves to be one of the most prolific and reliable software developers around today. they've already provided CM readers with the hotter-than-hot ValveFilter CM (available with the mag since issue 207), and the chiptune-tastic miniBit CM synth (available since issue 218). For Computer Music issue 241, they've come up with something new…

The Orb CM is an other-wordly filter effect (VST/AU) that's totally different to your run-of-the-mill low- or high-pass filter. The Orb CM uses a bank of three band-pass filters to emulate the unique sonic resonances (ie, formants) imparted by the human mouth and vocal tract. By dragging the central dot around the five vowel segments of the 'orb', you can make any signal 'talk' in a distinctive, synthetic way.

Features and uses:

  • Choose five vowel sounds from a choice of ten
  • Drag the dot around the 'orb' display to morph between sounds
  • Great for use on all sounds, from synths to drums
  • Smooth parameter to make transitions between vowel segments smoother
  • Mix and Gain controls to blend in the processed signal
  • Random parameter to mix up the controls by chance
  • In-built limiter to tame the final output signal

If you love The Orb CM's unique sonic character, don't forget to check out its bigger brother The Orb, which comes complete with extra vowels and segments with individual level controls, LFOs to create movement, and loads more.

You can grab The Orb and feast your eyes on a range of other AudioThing instruments and effects on the AudioThing website.

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