Fender Play free trial! Get 2 weeks of guitar, bass or ukulele lessons absolutely free

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We often talk about how Fender is constantly finding new ways to encourage people to pick up an instrument. They know a thing or two about keeping the guitar world interesting, exciting and fun - something which is abundantly clear in their revolutionary online learning platform, Fender Play. Whether you’re a beginner or beyond, Fender Play enables you to learn guitar, bass or ukulele from the comfort of your home, and right now they’re offering a completely free 2 week trial.

Fender Play is our number one choice when it comes to the best online guitar lessons. It’s straightforward and easy to use and the lesson content is second to none. This makes Fender Play perfect for anyone either looking to pick up an instrument for the first time, or to take their skills to the next level. With an extensive back-catalogue of tracks to play along to, and lessons of all lengths and difficulty levels, you’ll find something that’s right for you. 

Fender Play: Get 2 weeks completely free

Fender Play: Get 2 weeks completely free
Make the most of this killer Fender Play offer and get learning! Fender Play delivers lesson content from some of the music industry’s most talented players and educators, and an almost never-ending library of tracks to play along to, via a user-friendly app or desktop browser. Sign up is easy: choose your instrument, your preferred style and your current playing level, and Fender Play will tailor a lessons program to suit your needs!

You’ll get a 2 week free trial when you choose an monthly or annual plan at the sign up stage, after which it will cost you just $/£9.98 per month, or $/£89.99 per year.

As we all know, bad habits are easy to pick up and difficult to get rid of. Issues with technique can cause health issues and literally end careers, so it's important to know that you’re only getting the best advice. This is where Fender’s team of instructors comes in. With hundreds of years of professional experience between them, you can be sure that what you’re learning will put you in good stead for years to come. 

For those that prefer to play four strings instead of six, Fender hasn’t forgotten about you. With over 70 song-based bass guitar and ukulele lessons already on the platform, as well as masses of backing tracks to play along to, your confidence and musicianship will go through the roof - just in time for when you can jam with your mates again! 

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