EcHo Custom Drums percussion

DRUM EXPO 2013: EcHo's percussion instrument production range is changing all the time, and we are currently producing for customised orders.


Available in aluminium, brass and steel with diameter options of 12", 13", 14" and 15" depths optional but generally from 4" up to 7." thicknesses ranges from 1.0mm up to 3.0mm depending on choice of material, all with hand spun edges to both bearing and open ends, fitted with rim mounts.


Aluminium 6" diameter and various depths for various sounding customised racksets, fitted with shell mounts.

Cow bells

Stainless steel 4" 5" 6" 7" and 8" length, narrow mouthed type with engraved echo logo. Easy tightening ratchet type handle. Simply "the best cow bells you will ever hear!"

Percussion sets

Magnificent customised percussion sets available, including beautiful amedia splash cymbals. Simply build your own customised set up as shown in the photos in our display and on our website, read the tremendous reviews.

Various stainless steel shakers

All shapes and sizes manufactured to your requirements.


Stands, racks, one arms etc are available on request.

Many of the above come with optional customised engraving and finish options as do most of EcHo's products.

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