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Roland's TM-1 trigger module and RT-MicS both drop to just $99 on Cyber Monday

Roland's TM-1 trigger module and RT-MicS both drop to just $99 for Black Friday
(Image credit: Roland)

We've been waiting all year for retailers to roll out their best Cyber Monday drum deals, and Sweetwater might have just delivered the drum deal of the week with its monster savings of up to $120 on Roland hybrid gear.

First up is the innovative RT-MicS combined mic/trigger/module. This tiny battery-powered device clips to the rim of your drum and can perform all of its functions at once, giving you eight useful preset sounds including snares, claps percussion and more.

With the MicS you can also import your own samples for triggering, and the onboard mic can blend the sound of your acoustic drum, delivering it direct to a PA system. It's one of the most flexible hybrid drum products on the market and here you can get it for just $99!

Next is the Roland TM-1 trigger module, which gives you easy entry into the world of hybrid drumming. It can run from battery power or mains, and you can hook-up two single-zone triggers or pads, or a single dual-zone trigger or pad for simple and easy hybrid integration. 

The on-board controls give you simple, real-time control over parameters such as pitch, decay, sensitivity and volume, and it comes loaded with 15 kit sounds to help augment your acoustic drums. You can also load in your own samples using Roland's free TM-1 Editor. If you're looking to get started with hybrid drumming, this box will punch well above its $99 deal price. 

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