Check out all our blues guitar skills lessons in one place

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Guitar Skills: Whether you're a beginner or beyond with an acoustic of electric guitar, we've got blues you can use here. Check out our range of accessible guitar lessons below. 

Learn 10 next-level blues guitar chords

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Expand your blues chord progressions

Make jamming easier with this 12-bar blues chord generator

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Learn the most common chord progression in the most important keys and you’ll always know where you are in a 12-bar blues jam

The pentatonic scale made easy with three chord shapes

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Scales don't have to be hard – and this lesson proves it!

5-minute blues guitar lesson: Learn to play two-note trills

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 Learn a signature technique from Jimi Hendrix's Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

The ultimate Jimi Hendrix lead guitar lesson

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We break down the lead techniques of the greatest guitarist of all time with a huge tutorial – including wah and whammy lessons

5-minute blues guitar lesson: Learn to play fluid bends

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 An Albert King-inspired lick

Start playing Texas blues with this 10-minute lesson

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The Lone Star State overdriven blues of SRV and Johnny Winter made accessible

The ultimate Jimi Hendrix rhythm guitar chord lesson

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Master Jimi's 'thumb over the neck' and and finger barre chord techniques – plus his approach to funk rock

5-minute blues guitar lesson: Learn to play the BB King 'Zinger'

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A signature slide move from one of the greats

5-minute blues guitar lesson: Learn to play diads – two-note chords

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From Jimi Hendrix to John Mayer, countless players have used diads to add chord-like tone to their solos

5-minute blues guitar lesson: Learn to play sliding diad chords

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We introduced diads in our last lesson, now let's get some movement!

How to solo over a 12-bar blues chord progression

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A guitar lesson with essential tips for a blues jam – complete with backing track

5-minute blues guitar lesson: Dissonant doublestop bends

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Get to grips with the technique used by blues greats including Eric Clapton and Gary Moore

Learn from the master with these Chuck Berry-style blues licks

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Go back to the building blocks of rock

10 great blues guitar chords to learn now

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Enhance your blues and beyond with these shapes

5-minute blues guitar lesson: Quarter-tone bends

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An essential blues trick to breathe new life into you notes – tab and audio included

5-minute blues guitar lesson: String rakes

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A simple blues trick to spice up your playing

A beginner guitar lesson on the pentatonic scale

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The pentatonic scale is the guitarist's friend!

Classic guest lesson: Joe Bonamassa

(Image credit: Rick Gould)

Joe shares some of his finest blues licks


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