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Ask MusicRadar: what are the best free VST plug-ins?

best free vst plugins

best free vst plugins

Following the terrific response we had when we asked you to nominate the best VST plug-in synths that are available to buy, it's now time to turn our - and your - attention to the finest instruments and effects that you don't have to pay for.

That's right: Ask MusicRadar wants to find the best free VST plug-in in existence. We're casting the net pretty wide with this one - synths, EQs, compressors, reverbs, virtual bagpipes and anything else that's VST-compatible is eligible. We'll allow Audio Units and RTAS plug-ins in too, though for this poll, we'll only include them if there's a VST version too.

You may have a plug-in or two that you're itching to rave about already, but if you're searching for inspiration, check out our library of free music software round-ups for a reminder of pretty much everything that's been released over the past year or so.

What to do now

Get involved! Choose your favourite free VST plug-ins and tell us about them (developer, name and reasons why) like this:

Via MusicRadar (log in and leave a comment below with a link as usual)

Via Twitter (follow @musicradar and tag your submission with #askmusicradar)

Via Facebook (become a fan at and post suggestions on our wall)

Or via (just send an email the old-fashioned way)

We'll then be able to compile a list of the best free VST plug-ins in the world today, and we'll present this to you in a lovely gallery.