TG's Sonisphere 2011 stage times cheat sheet

Sonisphere 2011 stage times

Sonisphere 2011 stage times

Download our print-friendly Sonisphere cheat sheet featuring stage times, must-see guitarists and essential festival tips. You'll save a pretty penny too!

TG has been to enough festivals to know that the only two things you really need are your wallet and a list of stage times for bands. We can't help you with the first, though we might save you some cash on a programme, but we can with the second, thanks to our rather attractive Sonisphere cheat sheet.

It's two sides of A4, which if you're clever, you'll print out back-to-back and take with you. Inside you'll find all the running times for the weekend, tips of must-see guitarists and some essential advice on what to do before you go.

Download it, print it and share it with anyone else you think might want it.

To download, right-click on the link below and select 'save as', or 'save target as' (depending on your browser).

TG's Sonisphere 2011 cheat sheet including stage times

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