Last day to enter our TG200 Birthday competition. Win EVERYTHING reviewed in this month's issue!

You only have one more day to get hold of our very special 200th issue. In celebration of

this monumental achievement, we've teamed up with all of the gear

companies featured in this month's Rocked & Rated section to bring you an

equally monumental competition.

All you need to do

is answer the question below correctly, and a van loaded with EVERYTHING WE'VE REVIEWED

this month could turn up at your door. That's a prize-pot of over £5K!


out the picture and list below to see all of the


Here's the question.

Head to the

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to give us your


We've reviewed Phil

Demmel's latest signature guitar this issue. Who is the other guitarist

in Machine Head?

A) Kerry King

B) Robb Flynn

C) Jim Root

Competition closing date: 15/04/2010

Included in the


HÖFNER GALAXIE £259 (opens in new tab)

MARSHALL JMD100 HALF STACK £1,093 (opens in new tab)

VINTAGE VS6MRP £279 (opens in new tab)

SE SINGLECUT KORINA £599 (opens in new tab)

TREMOLO £484 (opens in new tab)

SPEAR NSG-RELIC £329 (opens in new tab)

BLACKSTAR HT STAGE 60 £699 (opens in new tab)

JACKSON PDX DEMMELITION KING V £479 (opens in new tab)

£389 (opens in new tab)

VIBRO MAN £179 (opens in new tab)

COOPERSONIC VALVESLAPPER £149 (opens in new tab)

PLEASE NOTE: Under 18s must

obtain parental consent to enter this

competition and be able to demonstrate this to Total Guitar's

reasonable satisfaction.

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