Larry Paterson: Without return of stolen kit I'm out of a job



Ray McMahon/Corbis

Drummer Larry Paterson has called for the return of his stolen kit. The former Blaze Bayley sticksman's set-up was stolen from the back of his van in London.

He told the Enfield Independent: "It's really special to me - without that gear I'm out of a job.

"Even with the help of my sponsors it's going to cost me £2,000 to replace everything, but it's unique and it's been with me to Russia and south America and has special meaning.

"Even the cases have got all kinds of stickers on from all over the world and from the different bands I've worked with - it's so much more than just a drum kit."

The kit is a Mapex Saturn (10"x9", 12"x10", 14"x11" toms and 16"x16" floor) in ebony burst with chrome hardware. Also taken were Larry's Paiste cymbals, which included 14" Crunch hats, 18" RUDE Wild crash, 20" Reflector Heavy crash, 17" Signature crash, 22" Powerslave Signature ride and 18" Rude crash ride. Various sticks and hardware was also stolen, as well as the hardcases housing the kit.

Rich Chamberlain

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