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Big Fish Audio Big Beat 2: Nu Skool Breaks review

This sample pack offers some geriatric cuts, with a side-order of irony

  • £55
Putting the 'old' into Nu Skool.

MusicRadar Verdict

An old skool selection in every sense and rather stale with it.


  • +

    Good if you never bought a drum sample CD in the early 90s.


  • -

    But not if you did.

If you're expecting a cutting-edge collection of New Skool Breaks style beats then look elsewhere - Big Beat 2 sounds very old-school indeed.

In fact, the mid-tempo loops on the disc sound very much like chopped up versions of classic drum breaks.

James Brown's influence is all over Big Beat 2 and if you have a few drum sample CDs from the first half of the 90s, the chances are you've got many of these beats already (or something very similar).

There are a few drum kits and synth riffs to round off the package, but all in all, this feels like a very dated selection indeed.

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