Upgrade your current DAW for as little as £50 with this fantastic Ableton Live 11 offer from Thomann

Upgrade your current DAW for as little as £50 with this fantastic Ableton Live 11 offer from Thomann
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Historically it’s been tough to make a living as a musician. Not only is it incredibly difficult to pay the rent with beer tokens and exposure, but with the cost of everything from fuel to groceries going through the roof, it’s getting harder and harder to justify spending money on music-making items. Luckily, Thomann has a deal that will take the sting out of spending money right now, with a mega 25% off Ableton Live 11 Intro, Standard and Suite. So, if your DAW urgently needs an upgrade, now might just be the best time. 

Ableton Live has long been an industry standard for those looking to not only record killer-sounding songs at home but for the artists who want to incorporate those tracks into their live performances. So if you like the idea of running dynamic pre-programmed synth parts, ambient beds or even perfectly pitched backing vocals at your next show, then Ableton Live is the DAW you need.

Ableton Live 11: 25% off at Thomann

Ableton Live 11: 25% off at Thomann
Thomann has slashed an impressive 25% off three Ableton Live packages. From now until 14 June, you can save big on Ableton Live Intro, Ableton Live Standard and Ableton Live Suite. Prices start from as little as £50, meaning you don’t need to splash the cash to upgrade your current recording and live setup. 

This powerful software comes in three packages, with the most basic - Ableton Live 11 Intro - starting at only £50! Now, while this may be the most stripped-back offering, it’s still a fantastic place to start for a budding home producer looking to get their head around recording software. The Standard option offers the complete Ableton Live experience - plus a few extras - and is currently £222. For those looking for a fully integrated and flexible home studio setup, then Ableton Live 11 Suite is the best option for you, coming in at £385. 

This deal ends on 14 June, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to take advantage of this fabulous offer. 

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