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The Boss Pocket GT will transform your practice for $100 less this Black Friday

Boss Pocket GT black friday
(Image credit: Boss)

Black Friday music deals sometimes see multiple price drops, and this deal at Guitar Center's Cyber Weekend sale is a classic case in point. 

Earlier this month, Amazon knocked $60 off the the Boss Pocket GT's price. Now Guitar Center have gone one better (well, 40 better) and reduced. it by $100.

Boss Pocket GT: was $249, now $149 at Guitar Center

Boss Pocket GT: was $249, now $149 at Guitar Center
Practice tools don’t come much more powerful than the Pocket GT - a comprehensive modelling unit that includes over 100 amps, stomps and effects, 99 user memories, USB, Bluetooth and Boss’ unique YouTube streaming integration.

The Pocket GT is a rocket-fuelled compact modelling device that comes with over 100 amps and effects models derived directly from Boss’ GT-1 multi-fx unit, runs for up to four hours thanks to a rechargeable battery, includes USB audio interface functionality, and Bluetooth for streaming audio for jamming.

Talking of jamming, one of the Pocket GT’s unique features is its integrated YouTube playback. When paired with your phone via the free Tone Studio app, you not only get access to the Pocket GT’s deeper editing and tone library functions, but you can play YouTube videos from within the app’s browser, putting countless lessons and jam tracks at your fingertips in an instant.

The audio is streamed to the Pocket GT, which then allows you to blend your guitar signal and your YouTube audio in your headphones. As well as this, you can control the video’s playback direct from the Pocket GT’s controls, and you can even program the Pocket GT to switch-up your sound at any point in the video, giving you seamless automated patch changes between song sections!

There’s a hardware aux-in as well if you’d prefer to use a cable, and the Pocket GT’s Centre Cancel uses some clever audio trickery to remove commonly-placed parts from the mix, giving you the space to virtually ‘sit in’ with the audio you’re jamming along to.

The Boss Pocket GT puts an insane amount of power into a tiny package that you can take anywhere. If you’re looking for a new practice solution that has you covered for recording, jamming, solo practice and writing, this is it. Bag it while they’re still in stock!

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