Waves releases two new compressors

The MV2 certainly keeps things simple.
The MV2 certainly keeps things simple.

Waves has added two new compressors to its range of dynamic processors: the MV2 and the MV360.

Sporting a simple interface, the MV2 is said to make it easier than ever to control level and overall perceived volume. It offers low- and high-level compression via dual faders - even your Gran could use it, we suspect.

The MV360 is a more complex affair, being a dual-function dynamics processor for 5.0 and 5.1 surround applications. This one delivers six channels of low- and high-level compression, and comes with five flexible link modes.

The MV2 has been added to the Waves Mercury, Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Broadcast a& Production bundles, while the MV360 is now part of the Surround Tools and Mercury Bundles. Existing users who are covered by the Waves Update Plan can download the plug-ins without charge.

Find out more at the Waves website.