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NAMM 2016 VIDEO: Roland's System-500 modules to be sold as a Complete Set

NAMM 2016: Roland has announced that you'll soon be able to buy all of its new System-500 modules and their companion case in what the company is calling (appropriately enough) the System-500 Complete Set.

As you probably know by now, the modules are inspired by Roland's classic System-700 and System-100M modular hardware. The Set includes the following:

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  • 512 module with two voltage controlled oscillators featuring saw, sine and square waves
  • 521 module with two voltage controlled filters featuring selectable high-pass filters
  • 530 module with two voltage controlled amplifiers, each featuring multiple CV inputs
  • 540 module with two ADSR envelopes and invertible LFO
  • 572 module with classic phase shifter, delay, gate delay and LFO
  • The wood and metal case, meanwhile, can sit flat or be tilted, and the Complete Set also comes with some all-important patch cables.

Find out more on the Roland website. The System-500 will cost £1,600, though we don't yet know exactly when it'll be available.