UPDATED: Roland releases System-500 modules

All systems go!
All systems go!

We first heard about Roland recreating its legendary System-100M modular synth in Eurorack format at Musikmesse last year. We even saw some mock-ups of the new new range, but that was the last we'd heard of it - until now…

Based on the Japanese firm's legendary System-100M, the new updated 500 series has been reimagined in the so-hot-right-now Eurorack format. However, unlike Roland's recent Aira modular gear, which is based in its digital ACB technology, System-500 is fully analogue.

Five new modules are available now: 512 dual VCO; 521 dual VCF; 530 dual VCA; 540 Envelope/LFO; and 572 Phase shifter/Delay/LFO. If you need to house all of these you can also consider the SYR-E84 Eurorack case.


  • 512 Dual VCO - $349
  • 521 Dual VCF - $349
  • 530 Dual VCA - $299
  • 540 Dual Envelope Generator and LFO - $349
  • 572 Phase Shifter, Delay and LFO - $369
  • SYR-E84 Eurorack Case - $399

(Euro and UK prices and distribution TBC)

System-500 512

First up is the 512 dual VCO which, as its name suggests, features two voltage-controlled oscillators with pulse, triangle, and saw waveforms. Variable pulse width is available via panel control or CV modulation. Each oscillator's frequency can also be synchronized to the other in weak or strong modes to achieve a unique 'sync' sound.

Information and full specifications can be found on the 512 product page.

System-500 521

Next we have the 521 dual VCF module, which features two separate low-pass filters. Each has its own dedicated controls for frequency cutoff and resonance. Both also include a fixed high-pass filter with two switchable cutoff points.

For the full specifications, check out the 521 product page.

System-500 530

Amplification duties are taken care of with the 530 dual VCA module, with each amp mixing three audio signals and three CV controls for each signal. The 530 also features a selector switch for linear or exponential response modes.

All the specs and information are located on the 530 product page.

System-500 540

The 540 module is a dual envelope generator and LFO which features two independent ADSR envelope sections. Each section can be triggered externally, internally, or manually for each envelope, while there's also an inverted output.

For the full specifications, check out the 540 product page.

System-500 572

Finally, we have the 572 module, which is a five-stage phase shifter, analogue audio delay, a control voltage gate delay, and an LFO. Controls for for the phase shifter include shift frequency and resonance. The delay section features control for delay time and resonance (or feedback). Both the phase shifter and delay can be modulated by the 572's internal LFO or external CV signals and feature wet/dry effects mix controllable via the front panel or with CV.

More information can be found on the 572 product page.

SYR-E84 Eurorack Case

Obviously you're going to need to put all these lovely modules into a rack, but not any old rack. How about a rugged travel case with high-current power supply?

Yep, Roland has thought of that too, in the form of the SYR-E84. The case will fit the SYSTEM-500 series and SYSTEM-1m AIRA FX Modular series, as well as standard Eurorack modules from other manufacturers.

From more information and full specifications on the SYR-E84 check out the product page.

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