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NAMM 2010: E-MU announces new Xmidi 1x1 Tab MIDI interface

Xmidi 1x1 Tab MIDI interface: functional.
Xmidi 1x1 Tab MIDI interface: functional.

PRESS RELEASE: E-MU Systems has announced the release of its new Xmidi 1x1 Tab MIDI interface.

E-MU's Xmidi 1x1 Tab is a plug-and-play USB MIDI Interface that adds an ultra-fast MIDI input and output to your computer. The interface provides 16 MIDI channels in/out, is bus-powered for total portability, and offers status indicators for input signal, output signal and power.

This new Xmidi 1x1 Tab features reduced MIDI jitter, fast MIDI response, and compact form factor. The Xmidi Tab 1x1 is both Mac and PC compatible, true plug and play with no drivers required.

The Xmidi 1x1 Tab will ship in the winter of 2009.

Price: $29.95 / €29.95 / £29.95


- 1 MIDI in/1 MIDI out
- USB 1.1 compatible
- USB bus-powered
- Ultra-fast MIDI response
- Ultra-low MIDI jitter
- Active-Sensing messages filtered
- MME, DirectMusic and CoreMIDI supported
- Multiple client support
(when used with the E-MU Xmidi driver available at

For more information, visit

Information taken from official press release

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