Musikmesse 2010: Spectrasonics updates Omnisphere and Trilian

Spectrasonics has brought two updates to Musikmesse.
Spectrasonics has brought two updates to Musikmesse.

FRANKFURT MUSIKMESSE 2010 PRESS RELEASE: Spectrasonics today announced new version 1.3 updates with new features and sounds for their award-winning Omnisphere® and Trilian® virtual instruments. The Omnisphere Power Synth is Spectrasonics' flagship hybrid real-time synthesizer, while Trilian, the company's 'total bass module' features Acoustic, Electric and Synth Basses.

The new version 1.3 updates offer innovative real-time performance sync capabilities, which allow all three of Spectrasonics virtual instruments to be used together in some unique ways. The new 'Latch' and 'Trigger' modes are ideal for Electronic Music performers since they allow remarkable real-time creation of complex, multi-layered performances with full synchronization between multiple Omnisphere, Trilian and Stylus RMX parts without the need for traditional sequencing techniques. New performance and live remixing techniques are now possible, since any incoming MIDI data to these instruments can now be quantized in real-time - making it very easy to experiment, jam and improvise with any other clocked sources without losing any synchronization.

"We are excited to be able to continue the development of these powerful synths and offer new features and sounds to our users which really take these instruments to a whole new level," notes Eric Persing, Founder of Spectrasonics. "We've always thought that electronic music should be fun and these new performance features are really a blast to play, jam and build up ideas quickly. We can't wait to see how our customers use these new features in creative ways."

Spectrasonics has also taken its innovative Groove Lock™ technology further in v1.3 and applied it to the powerful multi-stage envelopes in the STEAM engine. This advancement allows all of the envelopes in Omnisphere and Trilian to be 'Groove Locked' from external sources and will automatically create rhythmic envelope patterns simply by dragging standard MIDI files from Stylus RMX and dropping them on the Envelope displays - dramatically reducing the time it takes to create rhythmic envelopes.

As in many past updates, Spectrasonics is including new patches from their renowned sound design team that use and show off the new features of version1.3. A new concept this time is that the team is also including a special new 'VIP' Omnisphere Library they've created for users who own both Omnisphere and Trilian. The 'VIP' library utilizes the core libraries of both instruments together with Omnisphere's advanced synthesis to create powerful new sounds.

Specifically for Trilian users, the sound design team has created new "produced" multis for the electric and acoustic basses in the 1.3 update which are designed for instantly cutting through heavier rock and pop mixes.

Many other additional features, fixes and enhancements are included in version 1.3 as well, including a new 'Sustain-2' mode which allows even more realistic Rock-style Bass playing in Trilian and also offers expanded performance capabilities in Omnisphere. Two new user-requested Browser features, 'Search Lock' and 'Search Clear' allow in-depth browsing and make workflow simpler and faster.

In addition to all the new software features and sounds, updated versions of the Omnisphere and Trilian reference manuals are included in the free download, as well as new tutorial videos for Omnisphere and Trilian demonstrating how to make the best use of the new capabilities.

Spectrasonics also announced that their free iPhone App "Omni Live" - which turns the iPhone into a wireless remote control for Omnisphere's "Live Mode" page - will now be cross-platform compatible with Windows and OSX versions of Omnisphere v1.3.

The Omnisphere and Trilian version 1.3 updates will be released on April 20th as free downloads for all registered users.

New version 1.3 Software features for Omnisphere & Trilian:

• New "Latch" performance features for Live/Stack Mode allows notes from any part to be "frozen"

• New Trigger modes allow Omnisphere and Trilian parts to be synchronized and quantized in real-time performance

• New "Sustain2" mode allows for much more realistic Rock-style Bass playing in Trilian and interesting performance possibilities in Omnisphere

• All Envelopes now have Groove Lock™ feature. Envelopes can be created via MIDI Files

• New Browser 'Search Lock' and 'Search Clear' features improve workflow

1.3 Sound Library update features new sounds from the renowned Spectrasonics Sound Design team:

• New Omnisphere and Trilian patches and multis showcasing the new Latch/Trigger features

• New "VIP" Omnisphere Library created exclusively for users who own both Omnisphere and Trilian

• New "produced" Trilian Electric and Acoustic Bass multis designed for cutting through rock and pop mixes

• "Omni Live" iPhone app now with cross-platform support for Windows and Mac OSX

• Updated Reference Guides for Omnisphere and Trilian

• New tutorial videos for Omnisphere and Trilian

• v1.3 updates for Omnisphere and Trilian are free downloads for all registered users

• Available April 20th

Omnisphere has a retail price of $499 US / 379 Euro, Trilian has a retail price of $299 US / 229 Euro, and Stylus RMX Xpanded has a retail price of $399 US / 299 Euro.

The version 1.3 update is a free download for all registered users:

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Spectrasonics

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