More iOS apps get an Ableton Live Set Export option, and this could be just the start

Almost by stealth, Ableton is becoming a key player in the iOS music making market, which is all the more remarkable when you consider that the company hasn't even released an app.

First came the news that Ableton Link, the company's mobile/desktop syncing technology, is now open source, and now we have Ableton Live Set Export, a new SDK for iOS app developers. If they choose to implement this feature, users will be able to export their projects in a Live-compatible format, meaning that they can be loaded straight into Ableton's software and worked on further.

This feature was previously available in Korg's Gadget and iKaossilator apps, but you'll now find it in Blocs Wave, Olympia Noise Co.'s Patterning, and Zaplin Music's Triqtraq, too. We expect other developers to start adding it to their music making apps, too.

Check out the video above to see how it all works.

Ben Rogerson

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