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Meet Morphestra 2, the mighty morphin' cinematic orchestra

We've seen countless 'pure' orchestral sample libraries, but Sample Logic's Morphestra 2 is something different. Sure, it features a sizeable collection of orchestral samples (as well as the likes of waterphones, animals, warehouses, tools, machinery, drums, and a number of unique world instruments), but these have been morphed together to create a unique collection of instruments and multis.

Over 10GB of the content is completely new, and Morphestra 2 also includes all the samples from Sample Logic's Morphestra Generations. The sounds were created using the company's proprietary morphing and synthesis techniques, and are presented in a 'dynamic user interface'. They're geared towards film, TV and game composers, but should be suitable for anyone who wants orchestral tones with a twist.

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The full version of Morphestra 2 is currently available for $400 (that's $100 off the regular price), while those who own the original Morphestra or Morphestra Generations can crossgrade for $200 if they do so within the next two weeks (regular price is $250).

You can find out more and place an order on the Sample Logic website. Morphestra 2 needs to be run in either Native Instruments' Kontakt or the free Kontakt 5 Player, and can operate standalone or as a plugin on Mac and PC.