FREE PC/Mac limiter: D16 Group Frontier

The latest addition to D16's SilverLine squad of effects, Frontier is a multipurpose, self-adaptive mixing and mastering device that's sure to become a mainstay of your projects - and it's yours free with issue 230 of Computer Music magazine!

This isn't your run-of-the-mill clean, 'brickwall' limiter that you've seen a million times already. In addition to reducing peaks and increasing loudness, Frontier gives you numerous flavour-inducing possibilities thanks to its internal Soft Clip algorithm, which can be used in conjunction with the other parameters to add drive and distortion.

This makes Frontier perfect for a multitude of applications: reduce peaks, increase loudness, prevent channel overload, gel submixes and groups together, help parts cut through a mix, or characterfully smash signals to the point of harmonic distortion.

Features and uses:

  • Versatile, characterful limiter - use on individual tracks, busses and entire mixes
  • Intuitive operation - pull back the Threshold to apply gain reduction
  • Automatic output gain make-up
  • Optional Soft Clip for drive and flavour
  • Three Release settings - Fast, Medium and Slow
  • Configurable control input - use either the mid, left or right signal to trigger gain reduction
  • Visualise gain reduction with the handy VU meter
  • Four real-time and offline Quality modes
  • Tag-based preset browser
  • Two alternative GUI sizes
  • MIDI-learn functionality throughout
  • 64-bit internal processing
  • 32-/64-bit PC VST/AAX
  • 32-/64-bit Mac AU/VST/AAX

How to get Frontier:

Buy Computer Music magazine issue 230 (CM230) and you can download Frontier right away.

For more info on CM Plugins, read our FAQ, and find out about our Vault download system.

If Frontier gets you pumped for D16's plugins, don't miss the next issue of Computer Music, where we'll have an in-depth tutorial dedicated to getting the most from D16's SilverLine effects. We'll also reveal the details of an amazing offer that could net you another free D16 plugin!

If you can't wait, head straight to D16's website to check out the rest of their range, which includes the ace flanger Antresol, acclaimed Decimort 2 bitcrusher, and multiband distortion Devastor 2; not to mention the stunning Roland-alikes Nepheton, Drumazon, Phoscyon and LuSH-101. Head to D16's website for more.

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