Classic pop piano sampled for EZkeys Electric Grand

Fans of great sounding pianos may well be cheered by news of Toontrack's new standalone software instrument, the EZkeys Electric Grand.

The sound library features samples taken from the classic Yamaha CP-80 electric piano, which was released in 1970 and quickly found chart fame thanks to piano-welding superstars such as Elton John, ABBA and Phil Collins.

Toontrack have taken great care in sampling the electric grand, going as far as to blending the mix between its direct sound and the output from a 50W Music Man amp. The standalone isn't for purists alone, however: it also includes a variety of signal chain presets (some of which have the uncanny ability to bring '80s drivetime power ballads to mind - see video).

If the EZkeys Electric Grand succeeds in bringing out your inner Elton, they also have four other piano standalones for you to try: Grand Piano, Upright Piano, Classic Electrics and Retro Electrics. Indeed, you can read our review of the EZkeys Grand Piano here.

For more info, visit Toontrack online.