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Superbooth 2019: Bastl is excited about 5 things and wants to tell you about them

Bastl Superbooth

Superbooth 2019: Bastl rarely turns up to Superbooth empty handed; this year it’s showing “the things our design team is most excited about".

 So, let’s have a look at what’s on the menu…


A dual USB lamp driver. It takes two CVs or MIDI signals and converts them into two powered USB sockets to host USB lamps. It’s billed as a compact solution for creating a light-show.


A simple triple passive mute Eurorack module in 2HP with normalisation that allows it to act as switched multiple.


A product line centered around a breadboard-based prototyping interface that is adapted and protected for Eurorack applications.


A 3-channel probabilistic trigger generator by Stefano Manconi. This open-source arduino-based Eurorack module is a result of an academic internship.


The popular miniature mixer gets an enclosure upgrade. It now comes with a durable epoxy black matte finish enclosure.

These products will be showcased in a series of demonstrations throughout the show. We’ll try and get our own private showing, too.  

Find out more on the Bastl website.

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