Struggling to find a great Cyber Monday deal on a new piano? We've found 4 worth shouting about

Pianos Cyber Monday deals
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Cyber Monday is here, and if you’re a musician then you’ll have been inundated with a slew of Cyber Monday music deals all weekend - well that is unless you’re a pianist. Unfortunately, digital piano and stage piano deals are relatively thin on the ground this year, but we’ve found a couple worth talking about. We've spent the entire weekend hunting out the best Cyber Monday keyboard piano deals we could find from a range of retailers - and we think we’ve found a couple of gems. Okay, these aren’t massive savings, but any discount is a good discount this year. 

Now, we know what you’re thinking, buying something this big, heavy and expensive online can feel a little scary, but you shouldn’t worry, in reality, it's not that different from purchasing anything else. 

Yes, pianos can be expensive to get delivered, but like sofas, beds, or other furniture, the music retailer will typically call on a group of trained professionals to ensure your new purchase arrives at your home safely - and we’re actually seeing more and more people purchasing their pianos online. If you fancy more advice, check out our guide to buying a piano online

Below we’ve listed some of the best deals we could find from Andertons and Thomann. 

Roland HP704: Was £1,949

Roland HP704: Was £1,949, now £1,883
Right now you can save £66 off the Roland HP704, which features in our best pianos buyers guide. This stunning home piano features Roland’s celebrated SuperNatural sound engine, and as the name suggests, it gives this instrument a very realistic and natural tone, which we believe is streets ahead of the rest at this price point. 

Roland DP603: Was £2,179

Roland DP603: Was £2,179, now £2,041
For those looking for a slimmer option, the Roland DP603 upright digital is one of the best around. The DP603 utilises the same SuperNatural sound engine as its big brother but instead uses a slim, stylish linear cabinet design which means it will fit in even the smallest of rooms - and better yet, you can save £138 at Andertons.  

Korg LP380:

Korg LP380: Was £684, now £654
The Korg LP-380 is a brilliant option for those short on space and the high-output amplifier and speakers produce a warm and realistic piano sound - and right now you can save £30 at Andertons. 

Yamaha b1 PEC: £3,399

Yamaha b1 PEC: £3,399, now £3,222
The Yamaha b series offers beautiful craftsmanship and a stellar tone - there's a reason it's our number-one pick for the best acoustic piano on the market. Equally suitable for home, education or for studio recording duties, the slim and compact b1 comes with a five-year guarantee on all acoustic parts. 

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