Seven Decades to play George Harrison's Futurama guitar at the UK Guitar Show

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Seven Decades will play George Harrison's Futurama guitar when they headline the main stage at this year's UK Guitar & London Bass Guitar Show.

The Futurama guitar has not been played since 1961. But it saw plenty of musical history before it was retired. 

The guitar was bought by Harrison on 20 November 1959 from Hessy’s music shop in Liverpool. Thereafter it was with him and the Beatles during their rites of passage in Hamburg. If you are looking for a tone reference point, check out Ain't She Sweet from the Beatle's Hamburg sessions, recorded in the summer of 1961 at the Friedrich-Ebert-Halle.

By 1964, however, Harrison parted company with the Futurama, offering it to Beat Instrumental magazine as a competition prize. And, in one of the most tragic financial missteps since the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the winner opted for a cash prize instead and the Futurama remained with the editor, unplayed . . . 

Until 21 September, when Seven Decades will be playing a set spanning the entirety of Harrison's career – his time with Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynne and his solo work.

Seven Decades will be onstage from 5pm on 21 September at the UK Guitar Show & London Bass Guitar Show, held at the Business Design Centre, London. Tickets cost £10 and you do not need a show pass to attend.

Seven Decades will play a second show on 22 September from 10.30am-11am. Tickets for that set cost £5 and open to show pass holders only. 

Other performers include Paul Gilbert, Eric Gayles and Lari Basilio.

Tickets for the show are selling fast. Get yours here.

Jonathan Horsley

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