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Save $120 on Positive Grid’s BIAS FX 2 Elite amp/FX modeling suite

(Image credit: Future)

It's easy to take life as a guitarist in 2020 for granted. Not only does tech like BIAS FX 2 effectively give you access to tones and gear that would cost your forebears thousands of dollars, but it's now been reduced by $120 at Sweetwater.

That means you can get 100 amplifiers, 100 effects, 18 rack processors, 18 modeled guitars and lots more for just $179. Crazy, is what it is, so get in there quickly before anybody realises. 

At launch we called it "a tonehound’s playground, and a virtual vintage guitar shop, too", and just over a year later we stand by that.

Stand-out features abound. Obviously, there's the meticulously accurate and versatile amp modeling software at the core of the package, plus genuine speaker IRs from Celestion, with multiple mic mixing on the same cab etc etc, but there are also looper/recorder functions and, further under the hood, advanced MIDI/automation functionalities.

Head over to Sweetwater to grab this deal, and keep an eye on our ever-growing Prime Day music deals hub for all the best bargains this week. 

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