Meet our team at NAMM 2018

NAMM 2018: The NAMM Show is upon us and, as usual, MusicRadar is there in force. Out intrepid content hounds are being joined by editors from our sister magazines Guitarist, Total Guitar, Computer Music, Future Music and Rhythm, and between them they’ll seek out every new product and person worth knowing about, while our UK team brings you all the news as it comes in.

Here's the team that's reporting from Anaheim this week. We asked them what they really want to see over the next few days, and what they’d rather not...

Meet the team

Name: Simon Arblaster
Job title: Content Manager, Tech
What I want to see at NAMM: Polysynths, big and small. The Dreadbox Abyss and Behringer DeepMind last year and now the Korg Prologue - let's keep the momentum going, kids, and the prices down.
What I don’t want to see at NAMM: That guy who has to, systematically, try out every cymbal on the Zildjian stand. Go home - you're drunk... and deaf.

Name: Michael Astley-Brown
Job title: Content Manager, Guitars
What I want to see at NAMM: Offset electrics built for speed, and downsized everything: heads, cabs, multi-effects, pedals. Lighten the load on my ailing back, and help me fit more pedals on my 'board.
What I don't want to see at NAMM: Rain, like last year. Get it together, Anaheim.

Name: Rob Laing
Job title: Content Editor, Total Guitar
What I want to see at NAMM: Great mid-priced gear; another excuse to buy another Telecaster; further innovation in the acoustic guitar sector; mullets.
What I don't want to see at NAMM: Any renaissance of ring modulation; half-baked multi-effects units; tasteless blues widdling.

Name: Si Truss
Job title: Editor, Future Music
What I want to see at NAMM: Analogue distortion circuits built into everything: synths, drum machines, saxophones, digital accordions... everything sounds better distorted.
What I don't want to see at NAMM: Washed-up hangers-on from the '80s Sunset Strip scene doing shots at 10am. Dial it down lads; you're at a trade show, not backstage at a Mötley Crüe concert.

Name: Chris Burke
Job title: Editor, Rhythm magazine
What I want to see at NAMM: Beautiful analogue kits and exciting new hybrid tech.
What I don't want to see at NAMM: Rain.

Name: Stuart Williams
Job title: Editor, Total Guitar
What I want to see at NAMM: As much affordable gear as possible; some of the greatest haircuts on the planet.
What I don't want to see at NAMM: Novelty solutions to problems that don't exist; the guy pushing in front who thinks his iPad Pro is a camera.

Name: Joe Rossitter
Job title: Editor, Computer Music
What I want to see at NAMM: DAW/plugin surprises; more innovative apps; and affordable products that facilitate hardware/software integration.
What I don't want to see at NAMM: EDM DJs enthusiastically performing to an empty stage at 10am. Or Jordan Rudess.

Name: Jamie Dickson
Job title: Editor-in-Chief, Guitarist magazine
What I want to see at NAMM: Genuinely exciting new solid-body electric guitar designs from the big names
What I don't want to see at NAMM: Safe, minor cosmetic changes to existing models. Be bold, NAMM!

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