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IsoAcoustics launch the Stage 1 Board as a portable solution for professional sound isolation

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IsoAcoustics launched the Stage 1 isolators at NAMM 2019 as a means of creating a consistent contact between your amplifier's speakers and the floor below it. 

If you affixed the Stage 1 isolators to the bottom of your amp – guitar, bass, keyboard – they would compensate for any variances in contact between speaker and floor, ensuring that frequencies aren't lost to the stage or studio carpet, resulting in extra clarity and a tighter bass response.

The idea is simple but effective, with the likes of Steve Vai and The Tedeschi Trucks Band using in the studio and on stage.

But the Stage 1 isolators had to be fixed to an amp or speaker. Looking towards a portable solution, IsoAcoustics have launched the Stage 1 Board. 

A 635mm 254mm x 20mm thermoplastic board, the Stage 1 Board is designed for use with the Stage 1 Isolators. Simply attach four of these to the Stage 1 Board and position it under your guitar amp [see below], or whatever speaker you want to isolate. Steve Vai uses them live under his wedge monitors.

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(Image credit: IsoAcoustics)
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(Image credit: IsoAcoustics)

The Stage 1 Board can take a load of up to 90kg. So unless you were looking to place it under a backline like Yngwie Malmsteen's double-Plexi head Marshall stack, this will probably have you covered.

The Stage 1 Board retails for £39.99/$39.99 and the Stage 1 Isolators are sold separately as a pack of four for £129.99/$129.99.

See IsoAcoustics for more details.

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