Musikmesse 2015: Fashionably dinky PW-3 Wah on show at Boss stand

MUSIKMESSE 2015: Boss's PW-3 Wah is just the latest addition to the rapidly expanding world of compact pedals. Whether it's for practical space-saving reasons or because of their sheer, highly collectible desirability, it seems that we can't get enough dinky stompboxes into our lives and onto our boards.

The PW-3 is an analog wah with two principle modes: Rich mode retains the low-end typically lost by wahs, while a rear-panel switch flips the pedal over to a more 'traditional' 60s output.

Boss also say they've overcome another common downsizing problems by putting status lights on the side of the unit, where they won't be blocked by your stubbornly opaque feet.

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Hamamatsu, Japan, April 15, 2015 — BOSS is pleased to introduce the PW-3 Wah Pedal, a new space-saving analog pedal with pro wah tones. With its rugged design, practical size, and full-bodied sound, the PW-3 is the ideal wah for traveling guitarists and any player looking to maximize space on a crowded pedalboard.

Newly developed by BOSS, the PW-3's Rich mode provides a uniquely full wah voice that retains the low-end body and definition lost with typical wah circuits. Via a convenient rear-panel switch, users can easily change the PW-3's sound to a more traditional '60s-style vintage wah tone if desired.

Unlike other pedals that sacrifice feel and functionality when trimmed down in size, the PW-3 strikes the perfect balance between practicality and playability. The die-cast aluminum chassis is solid and substantial underfoot, and the long, smooth pedal action is highly responsive and feels great.

Another issue with downsized wah pedals is that it's hard to see when the effect is on or off, because the user's foot blocks their view. The PW-3 solves this with status LEDs on each side of the pedal, making it much easier to see when the wah is activated.

The PW-3 also features an adjustable pedal action, allowing the user to easily tighten or loosen the pedal's feel via a hex key.

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