Musikmesse 2010: Vox Virage II launched at Frankfurt

the latest chapter in the legacy of Vox guitars
the latest chapter in the legacy of Vox guitars

FRANKFURT MUSIKMESSE 2010 PRESS RELEASE: In just two short years, the original series VOX Virage semi-hollow guitars have found their way into the hands and hearts of a diverse group of great players from many genres of music.

From Chris Robinson with the Black Crowes to Tommy Shaw with Styx; from Peter Stroud with Sheryl Crow to Devon Bronson with Avril Lavigne, they have all found the warmth, versatility and tone of Virage guitars to be a worthy addition to their musical vocabularies.

Comfort and confidence

The twin Tone bars™ are an integral part of the Virage II's body sculpting, providing a solid mounting platform for the bridge, while eliminating the traditional "block" under the bridge and pick-ups. This design also allows the top to vibrate freely for optimum clarity, offering the sweet, singing sustain of a semi-hollow design, as well as the focused attack and articulation of a solid body guitar.

The reverse taper of the top naturally inhibits feedback and other artifacts. Whether you play sitting or standing, Virage II's ergonomic 3-D contour provides unparalleled balance and comfort. Comfort creates confidence. Confidence fuels inspiration

Silent running

The refined Virage II instruments add exciting new features to what makes Virage guitars great. Our exclusive new Vox CoAxetm pickups, developed at the Vox G-Rok R&D shop in California, bring new levels of versatility and tonality to the Virage II models.

Featured on both the Virage II SC and DC models, CoAxe pickups use new construction methods to passively create three distinct voices per pickup; each one a sparkling representation of classic Clean/Crunch/Lead sounds.

Beyond providing the available sounds their own unique, rich character, an innovative hum-cancelling scenario virtually eliminates hum and noise without reducing sparkling highs or disturbing the pickup's rich midrange and bass balance; truly a major sonic step forward.

A bridge to the future

Virage II calls on our advanced MaxConnect™ aluminum bridge to provide extended saddle travel and to deliver flawless intonation with any gauge string. The full contact shape and light weight combine to deliver thick rich tone with clear, singing harmonics. Each bridge stud is anchored in a separate solid wood block (Tone bar), allowing

the high strings and bass strings to resonate fully without robbing each other of clarity or sustain. Strings slide in from under the back edge of the bridge to make changing strings a snap.

Uncompromising Vox styling

Virage II is available in both Single Cutaway (SC) and Double Cutaway (DC) body styles. Numerous cosmetic extras enhance the Virage II. Virage II instruments feature a new fingerboard inlay, setting the guitars apart from the original Virage models.

You'll notice the exquisite attention to detail in the guitar's finish, nut, and fret dressing that puts them in a league with the finest instruments available.

The RRP (inc VAT) for the single cutaway Virage II is £2,584 while the double cutaway is priced at £2,700. The available finishes are Deep Cherry, with African Mahogany body and top; Vintage Sunburst, with African Mahogany and Ash top; Ash Blonde, with Ash body and top; and Jet Black, with all woods, when available.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Vox Amps

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