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Grab the only microphone you’ll ever need with a staggering £211 saving at Thomann

Grab the only microphone you’ll ever need with a staggering £211 saving at Thomann
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Musicians and home producers all tend to suffer from the Pokémon school of thought when it comes to acquiring gear - we’ve gotta catch ’em all. There is, however, a couple of problems with this approach. For starters, it won’t be long before you’re financially ruined, and even if you can afford to splurge on a host of electric guitar amps (opens in new tab), outboard compressors, vintage synths (opens in new tab), and retro microphones (opens in new tab), where on earth are you going to keep them all? Well, as for the latter, the Slate Digital ML-1 could be the answer - and better yet, you can currently pick it up with a whopping £211 discount at Thomann (opens in new tab)

So, what is the Slate ML-1? Well, it may look like a fairly standard large-diaphragm condenser mic, but it’s actually far more than that - it’s eight highly sought after microphones in one unit. Using Slate’s state-of-the-art Virtual Microphone System, this clever unit can be used to recreate the sound of a host of classic mics digitally. 

Slate Digital ML-1: Was £649, now £438, save £211 (opens in new tab)
One mic to rule them all! Slate Digital’s VMS ML-1 unleashes eight vintage-inspired microphones into your locker with Slate’s brilliant microphone modelling VMS platform - and right now you can save a mega £211 at Thomann!

These models include the FG-47, FG-M7, FG-800, FG-251, FG-800M, FG-269, FG-12 and FG-67. Now, not only can you choose a mic model and feel like you are singing into a studio icon, but you can also switch the model after the fact - giving you extra flexibility in the mixing stage. So, If you’ve ever wanted to hear what your voice, acoustic guitar, or drum kit would sound like being captured by a different style of mic, then the ML-1 is a must-have for your home studio. 

Included with the Slate ML-1 is a microphone cradle, case, and of course, your software license code - and if you want to dive a little deeper into what we loved about this mic, then be sure to check out our full Slate Digital VMS ML-1 review. This stellar deal from Thomann runs until 31 May, so be sure to act fast so you don’t miss out on your new favourite microphone - or should we say your eight favourite mics?  

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