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Get two TC Electronic pedals for just $75 with this crazy Black Friday effects bargain

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This year's Guitar Center Black Friday deals are some of the best we've seen, delivering cut-price gear to guitarists, drummers, DJs and more. Amongst the deluge of deals we've seen, this insane offer is a real stand out – right now you can take your pick of any two TC Electronic pedals (from a list of 16 belters) for just $75!

Whichever flavor of effect you've been looking for, you should find something tasty to add to your pedalboard. The deal covers everything from reverbs and fuzzes, to choruses, drives, compressors and more. Usually these pedals will cost anywhere between $49.99 and $59.99, but with prices dropping to just $37.50 per pedal (when you buy two), you can make big savings up to 40%!

Choose two TC Electronic pedals for $75 @Guitar Center

Choose two TC Electronic pedals for $75 @Guitar Center
Mix and match from your choice of 16 TC Electronic effects pedals. Chorus, reverb, delay, distortion, drive, overdrive – whatever FX you crave, you'll find something that floats your boat with this unmissable Black Friday guitar effects deal.

We think the hardest bit will be narrowing down which pedals to go for. If you're looking for a neat mix of pedals to complement your 'board, our recommendations would be the 3rd Dimension Chorus, Cinders Overdrive, Skysurfer Reverb, The Prophet Digital Delay and the Nether Octaver. But with such a great deal, they're all cheap enough that you could try a bunch (Guitar Center has a top returns policy for just this occasion, too).

We've considered pairing up with a friend to buy a handful of pedals and spread the cost. At $37.50 apiece, this approach means even better value.

We're expecting this deal to go wild, so act fast while stocks last.

*not all pictured pedals are available as part of this deal.

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