Get Brian May's legendary guitar tones with AmpliTube for a reduced price

Brian May created some of the greatest signature tones in the history of guitars, highly-customised sounds players have spent years trying to decipher. IK Multimedia worked with the man himself to deliver them all in one software package with Amplitube Brian May and now you can get it at special discount until the end of April. 

"It transforms your guitar into a different instrument in a different universe - in this case, MY universe." says Brian. 

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IK Multimedia AmpliTube Brian May review

"Dial in one of the presets to get into Hammer to Fall or Bo Rhap or Killer Queen. Then make your own custom adjustments to fine-tune it, and mould it, and create the tone you want to own. And ... save!! Enjoy!"

Save is the operative word here as the IK Multimedia store are offering it for $/€83.99 down from $99 until 30 April. 

Get Amplitube Brian May for $/83.99 until 30 April 

Get Amplitube Brian May for $/83.99 until 30 April 

Welcome to the ultimate one-stop solution to capturing Brian May's timeless guitar tones from Amplitube Brian May software for Mac and PC. 

In our glowing review of Amplitube Brian May we said: "There is no easier, more affordable or more convenient option for the Queen fan to nail Brian May's tones." 

AmpliTube Brian May is compatible with Mac and PC. It features 10 brand new models for Amplitube including two amps, three cabinets and five stomp boxes created to recreate both the guitar and gear Brian used live and in the studio. 

A new pedal is included that models his Red Special guitar, the unique home-built 'Deacy' Amp, May's famous triple-amp AC30 setup and even a harmonizer for those legendary Queen lead parts. 

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