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Expand your note choice for less ahead of Black Friday as Amazon slashes the price of the Alesis Q88 MKII

Expand your note choice for less ahead of Black Friday as Amazon slash the price of the Alesis Q88 MKII
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There’s nothing worse than running out of notes when you are in the throws of recording the ultimate synth line. Operating the octave up and down buttons mid-performance can be frustrating and can definitely break your flow. It makes sense, then, to upgrade your small MIDI keyboard to an 88 note option. Luckily, Amazon has kicked off the Black Friday keyboard piano deals early by slashing the price of the Alesis Q88 MKII to only $189, meaning you can expand your note choice for a whole lot less. 

This essential home studio accessory will not only help you take control of virtual instruments and effects parameters but also allow you to get your ideas down quicker and more efficiently - a great MIDI controller can seriously improve your workflow! 

Alesis Q88 MKII Controller: $229

Alesis Q88 MKII Controller: $229, now $189
This no-nonsense MIDI keyboard is the perfect addition to any home studio, giving you full command over your virtual instruments and plugins. Featuring 88 full-sized, velocity-sensitive keys, octave up/down controls, pitch bend, modulation wheel and transport controls, you get everything you need to seriously improve your workflow - and with $40 off at Amazon, you can save some money as well. 

The Alesis Q88 has long been a popular choice among budding producers. The velocity-sensitive, synth-action keys deliver a satisfying playing experience, while the pitch bend and modulation wheels add an extra level of expression. The Q88 even has a sustain pedal input for those who want complete control over this MIDI keyboard, and the built-in transport buttons are perfect for controlling your favourite recording software. 

We are working round the clock to bring you the best deals we can find on all types of musical instruments, so make sure you check out our Black Friday music deal page for all the latest offers on everything music gear related. 

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