Performance Percussion launches electronic kit

Performance Percussion's PP900E offers 215 voices
Performance Percussion's PP900E offers 215 voices

Performance Percussion has expanded its drum line with the launch of an electronic kit.

The new PP900E electronic kit features all the equipment laid out as you'd expect on a conventional acoustic kit; four drum pads, kick drum and pedal, two cymbal pads, with hi-hat cymbal pad and control pedal. Also supplied are three cymbal booms, all connecting cables, power supply, drumsticks and instructions.

The mountable digital drum module offers a choice of 215 high quality voices, along with 20 preset kit sounds. And while the unit's memory lets players save their favourite settings, ten 'user defined' kit voices are also available, with an additional 50 preset songs to play along with, as well as a practical click track/metronome facility.

The player has control over these settings via the module, plus straightforward volume, tempo and tap controls, which can be monitored visually on the module's LED display.

The PP900E module offers a MIDI out facility along with standard outputs for hooking up to a PA or desk. Players can plug headphones in for personal practice, either with the kit itself, or via the aux-in where you can feed in songs from an external source, CD, mp3, and other formats.

The PP Drums PP900E electronic drum kit retails at £399.