EcHo Custom Drums Apollo aluminium shell pack

DRUM EXPO 2013: EcHo Custom Drums Apollo 5 piece aluminium shell pack is hand crafted and formed from 3mm aluminium shells.

All shells are fitted with 2 x internal re-enforcing rings, bearing edges are double chamfeured and the outer edge is shaped to seat into the shoulder of the drum head and the inner angled to approximately 30 degrees to take the drum head beat impact. The edges are then sanded down at the peak leaving a perfect platform on which to seat your drum head.

There's a single vertical dressed up welded seam on all shells and all toms are fitted with steel triple flanged chromed hoops. The bass drum is fitted with vintage 40mm x 6mm aluminium hoops, brush finished and lacquered over specially featured "old english" letter engraving (available with optional engraving to all drum builders on request).

There are dss type rim mounts fitted to toms, cast, chrome finished claws fitted to bass shell/hoops and chrome finished bass drum spurs and floor tom legs.

Available finishes include red lacquer over "zebra grain" polished finish, or blue lacquer or various powder coated combinations.

Consists of 22" x 20" bass drum, 16" x 14" floor tom, 14" x 12" floor tom, 12" x 8" tom, 10" x 7" tom cost £1,666 + vat = £1,999

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