Alesis unveils DM7X Session and DM Lite electronic kits

Alesis has added a pair of new kits to its DM series of electronic drum sets.

The DM7X Session Kit is a five-piece version of the recently unveiled DM7X kit, packing the same features but in a more compact package. The DM Lite Kit, meanwhile, is a new entry-level setup that comes pre-assembled and includes a variety of practice-friendly features.

The DM7X Session Kit and the DM Lite Kit are both available now, priced $499 and $299 respectively. Check out the press release below for full details.

Alesis DM7X session and DM Lite press release

On the heels of the just-released DM7X Kit—which hit stores in early September and has quickly become a sought-after addition to the homes and studios of drummers worldwide—Alesis has now announced the DM7X Session Kit and DM Lite Kit. The DM7X Session Kit is a five-piece version of the DM7X Kit, featuring many identical capabilities, plus a rack that is more compact. The DM Lite Kit offers an immersive and dynamic drumming experience, perfect for those just starting out, and includes responsive, illuminated pads, a built-in drum coach, and nearly every major piece pre-assembled for instant, out-of-the-box satisfaction.

"We believe even our most affordable electronic drum kits should still be feature-packed and sound great," said Nate Lane, Product Manager, Alesis. "Our approach is to always aggressively refine the capabilities of our kits and offer the best combinations of components. That's the main reason the DM7X Kit has become a success so quickly—the unique combination of in-demand capabilities, plus it's so easy to use."

The DM7X Session Kit comes complete with five drum pads (including a compact bass trigger and dual-zone snare), three cymbal pads (including a crash with choke), a space-saving two-post rack, and the Alesis X Kick pedal. With 385 drum and cymbal sounds, a built-in sequencer, metronome, and performance recorder, the DM7X module provides more than enough features to keep drummers busy and bettering their craft. For a complete DM7X Session Kit overview and feature list, visit

The new DM Lite Kit comes pre-assembled, pre-wired, and ready to play. Its compact rack is height-adjustable and supports seven backlit pads—four drum pads, three cymbal pads. In combination with the module's built-in drum coach feature, the DM Lite Kit's pads flash in response to the onboard patterns and drum lessons, providing visual reinforcement for every practice session. Plus, the included variable hi-hat pedal and velocity-sensitive kick pedal—which features an internal piezo—allow for dynamic performance in a low-noise and compact package. For a complete DM Lite Kit overview and feature list, visit

"On top of its learning features and illuminated pads, the DM Lite Kit offers a great opportunity for drummers who want simple USB MIDI connectivity," said Lane. "It's a very affordable way to equip yourself with dynamic MIDI-triggering capability for a DAW or Virtual Instrument."

The DM7X Session Kit and the DM Lite Kit are now available in stores for $499 and $299, respectively.

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