Beatport Play

DJ EXPO 2014: Launched in 2008 and revamped in January 2012, Play is a remix contest platform that lets aspiring producers submit remixed versions of tracks provided by such superstar artists as Skrillex to Deadmau5 and The Black Eyed Peas to Depeche Mode.

These contests receive over a thousand entries each, and have helped launch the careers of aspiring DJs by providing a popular platform to showcase their talent, the most notable at this time being Zedd, Candyland, and Seven Lions.

With Play, producers and remixers have a platform to showcase the music they create using Beatport Pro, Sounds, and other assets at their disposal. Play also helps extend the retail lifespan of both recently released and catalog tracks by exposing them to new audiences and engaging tastemaker fans with new levels of interactivity.

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