Artists fight back: Cardi B throws microphone at concert goer who spills drink on her – her vocal carries on anyway

Cardi B
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We get annoyed with people constantly filming with – or even just using – their mobile phones at live events, so God only knows what we'd do when faced with someone actually throwing an object at a performer. 

It's a depressing trend, but at least Cardi B had a response during a recent such incident. She threw her microphone back at one such idiot, and it's fair to say he wont be spilling his beer around her again any time soon. 

Adele has threatened to kill anyone who throws anything at her, and Pink was recently left bemused when one person delivered some cheese and another, the ashes of their late mother (yes, really) to her while performing . 

It's a very current live trend but actually not that new. Tom Jones was famously pelted with knickers back in the day but other recent incidents like Bebe Rexha getting a black eye after getting hit by a phone (just… why?) and Lil Nas X having a sex toy thrown at him on stage have made this something of 'a thing' in 2023. 

Cardi B, however, is seemingly hoping to bring the trend to a close by throwing something back at the perpetrator. At a recent gig one punter attempted to throw beer at her – which is a waste of beer, as well as being just ridiculous – so she responded by throwing the only thing she had to hand back at the idiot… her microphone. 

Here's a video of the incident.

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This should have been the end of it – and the performance – but Cardi's vocal did appear to carry on thanks to, presumably, it all being played on a backing track. 

The incident invited some support for Cardi B, with Twitter comments applauding her response to the liquid attack, while others claimed that she hit the wrong person with the mic in response. Further comments suggested that 'she didn't need the mic anyway' and 'at least the music didn't stop'.

Whatever, the incident has highlighted, yet again, this rather grim trend in live music. Whether it be over raucous (aka drunken) singing at West End or Broadway shows or incidents like these, it does appear audiences are acting more and more entitled at live events.  

As ever, we say don't try any of this at home, or at a gig. It's not big, nor clever, and a waste of beer/sex toys/cheese/your mum's ashes. 

And stop using mobile phones too while you're at it. 

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