Black Friday deal: get 50% off V Collection 7, Pigments 2 and FX Collection in the Arturia sale

Arturia Black Friday 2020
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'Tis the season to be jolly... especially if you're in the market for some seriously hot Black Friday plugin deal action.

Arturia has slashed the prices in half for its flagship software plugin synths and effects. With V Collection 7, Pigments 2 and FX Collection all reduced by 50% for the holidays.

V Collection 7 is now €249, FX Collection reduced to €199 and Pigments 2 has been dropped to just €99.

V Collection 7

Since its inception, Arturia’s main focus over all else has been emulating vintage analogue synths. Since then, the company has branched out into digital synths, more modern classics and non-electronic keyboards, including pianos and organs. 

In version 7 there are three further additions to the huge array of calssic emulations in the form of Casio CZ, Mellotron and EMS Synthi instruments. Elsewhere, B-3 V, the Hammond organ instrument, has had its sound engine overhauled, while Analog Lab has been updated to version 4, plus there are around 800 new presets for legacy instruments in the form of Synthopedia.

FX Collection

Offering both emulations of classic hardware and all-new designs, FX Collection covers reverbs, delayspreamps, filters and compressors. The plugins were created using what we’re told are “circuit-accurate modelling” techniques in order to capture every nuance and detail.

Each plugin offers the likes of lookahead tracking, envelope followers, sidechaining and pre-post EQ for plenty of creative control, and you get presets based on the settings used by pro studio engineers. There are in-app tutorials, too, so you can learn the plugins as you use them.

Pigments 2

“The first version was audacious, but Pigments 2 brings the reality much closer to our original ambition. I look forward to hearing how musicians integrate all this granular synth and sample-shaping power with the crazy modulation stuff Pigments is capable of. To say we’re proud is an understatement.” Sam Limier - Arturia.

Arturia Black Friday deals

Arturia V Collection 7| €499 €249

Arturia V Collection 7| €499 €249
Save 50% on 24 of the most iconic synthesizers and sought-after keyboards of all time, instantly accessible in your DAW. 

Arturia FX Collection| €399 €199

Arturia FX Collection| €399 €199
Save 50% on the collection of time-tested classics, studio staples, and cutting-edge algorithms.

Arturia Pigments 2| €199  €99

Arturia Pigments 2| €199  €99
Save 50% on this explosion of sound generation, sampling, and modulation that’ll send you to the furthest reaches of synthesis.

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