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Black Friday deal: Save $200 on this limited edition Vox-AC30 amp loaded with Creambacks and JJ tubes

Vox AC-30 limited edition
(Image credit: Vox)

We’re firmly into November, but that doesn’t mean that you have to wait until the end of the month for some great Black Friday guitar deals. As a perfect example, Guitar Center is offering a hearty $200 saving on this Limited Edition Vox AC-30 amp right now.

The Vox AC-30 is a cornerstone of rock guitar tones, with its EL84 power amp providing its trademark chiming clean and crunch tones, and top-boosted overdrive sound proving to be an evergreen hit with the likes of The Beatles, Brian May, The Edge and Tom Petty. 

Vox AC-30 Limited Edition: Was $1,399, now $1,199, save $200

Vox AC-30 Limited Edition: Was $1,399, now $1,199, save $200
This Limited Edition Vox AC-30 amp comes loaded with Celestion Creamback speakers and upgraded JJ tubes for some extra tonal spice. With $200 off at Guitar Center, it puts the classic Vox AC-30 sound even closer within reach, with some robust upgrades to boot. Bag it now to truly understand why this amp has powered The Beatles, Brian May, The Edge and more!

But this isn’t your common-or-garden AC-30. All of the standard hallmarks of that sound are here: three 12AX7 tubes in the preamp, four EL84s in the power section, all-important Top Boost Circuit, the notorious Tone Cut and smooth tremolo circuit. But this limited edition version comes with a couple of extras.

First, the stock tubes have been upgraded with third-party JJs, so you not only get incredible tone, but you get sound that won't wear out too. 

Next, the Celestion Greenback speakers of the regular AC-30 have been swapped for Creambacks, giving you a punchier bass, a slightly scooped midrange, and additional bit at the top end to help give you more of that classic Vox chime.

With $200 off any AC-30, we'd be staring a great deal in the face. But with this version down from $1,399 to $1,199, it makes the whole deal even more appealing. 

Keep your eyes on our Black Friday music deals page for more great offers, and stay tuned to see what else the Guitar Center Black Friday deals deliver.