Best Sennheiser HD-206 headphones deals July 2024: find the best prices online for these cheap studio cans

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While it’s easy to equate a low price with inferior quality or performance, the Sennheiser HD-206 studio headphones go to show that there are unicorns out there if you know where to look. These near-ubiquitous ‘cheap’ headphones have been used by musicians, producers, DJs and sound engineers for years, and their popularity shows no sign of letting up. But what’s better than good quality, cheap headphones? Good quality, cheap headphones with money off, that’s what. Here we’ve rounded up some of the best Sennheiser HD-206 deals on the internet so you could get a pair for the price of a few takeaway coffees.

With their simple, closed-back headphone design and comfortable materials, the HD-206s are easy to recommend. The sound quality is better than decent too; they boast a wide enough frequency response to make them ideal for small mixing setups, while the three-metre cable means you can keep them on while you navigate around the studio. Let’s look at the deals.

Best Sennheiser HD-206 deals 

Sennheiser HD-206

Low-cost headphones that punch well above their weight

Launch price: $49.99/£24.99 | Type: Over ear | Frequency response: 21 – 18,000 Hz | Connection: 3.5/6.3mm | Cable length: 3m | Weight: 215g

Incredible value
Lightweight and comfortable
Great sound for the price

Musicians of a certain age will likely already be familiar with the range in which the HD-206 sits. As the successor to the HD-201, these cans are already sat in studios, rehearsal rooms and DJ booths across the world. The HD-206 range strikes that perfect balance between sounding great, being comfortable to wear, and being cheap enough that even a small studio can afford to have a couple of pairs knocking around for recording sessions.

What you get with the Sennheiser HD-206 is a lightweight, closed-back design which means there’s minimal sound spill when you’re recording. The soft leatherette earpads are comfortable for long sessions, reducing the chance of ear fatigue, while the adjustable headband means you can mould them to your exact liking. The three-metre cable may be a bone of contention for some; if you’re just wearing them while listening to Spotify and walking about town then it may prove annoying, but for musicians and studio use, that extra length is a god-send. It means you can easily move around your studio, adjusting things or moving gear, without having to remove the headphones. 

Sound-wise, the Sennheiser HD-206s perform better than they have any right to at this price point. They’re not going to compare to a set of dedicated studio cans, but then they aren’t meant to. Bass sounds are smooth and nicely pronounced, without ever overshadowing other frequencies, while the 50mm Neodymium drivers ensure a broad enough sound stage. We could see these being popular with gamers for this reason, where every footstep or movement will be played back crisply and accurately. 

For out-and-about usage, there are probably better options with shorter cables and slightly different EQ settings, but for the starter home studio or band rehearsal space we can happily and wholeheartedly recommend these inexpensive, workhorse cans. 

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Best Sennheiser HD-206 deals: Alternatives 

There is, as you can imagine, plenty of competition in the under $/£50 price bracket. Closed back over-ear headphones are not uncommon. That said, there are some models which rise above others on account of sound quality, construction and overall comfort. We particularly like the Audio-Technica ATH-M20X headphones, which look the business and feature a slightly wider frequency response than the HD-206s. Alternatively, the AKG K72 headphones are slightly larger, so perhaps less suited to general use, but feature a neat self-adjusting headband so they’re always snug up top. Finally, an honourable mention for the Behringer HPS3000 which, despite costing just over a tenner, will do a sterling job for bedroom or starter setups.  

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