The 3 best new electronic drum kits of 2021, as decided by you

Roland TD-07KX
(Image credit: Roland)

Electronic drum sets are some of the most popular products on the drum market. Every year, we see kits with better sounds, greater realism and in many cases, better value for money.

As drummers everywhere not only accept, but welcome electronics into their setups and utilise them for practicing, recording and performing, the possibilities continue to grow. Here are the electronic drum sets that you’ve decided made the biggest bang in 2021.

1. Winner 2021: Roland TD-07KX

Best Roland electronic drum sets: Roland TD-07KV

(Image credit: Roland)

2020 saw the introduction of Roland’s TD-07 line, and this year Roland went big with its affordable range, ushering in three iterations on the TD-07 series, along with a TD-07-powered VAD setup. 

It’s the TD-07KX that wins the day, though, with a PDX-12 snare pad, mesh heads across all the rack-mounted pads, a full complement of dual crash/ride cymbals and a freestanding KD-10 bass drum tower.

2. Roland VAD 706

Roland TD-50X configurations

(Image credit: Roland)

From the affordable, to the most expensive kit Roland currently produces. The Roland VAD 706 is really something to behold. Full-size, real wood shells meet with the excellent new VH-14D hi-hats, the positional sensing of the PD-140DS and CY-18DR digital snare and ride cymbals. 

Then there’s the TD-50X module which contains some truly impressive sounds. The combination is one of the most authentically acoustic playing experiences you can have sat at an electronic kit.

3. Yamaha DTX10

Yamaha DTX 2021

(Image credit: Yamaha)

Yamaha has been busy this year, and it marked a strong return to the e-drum world with the DTX6. 

However, it saved its trump card for later in the year with the DTX10-M and DTX-10K-X. Shallow wooden shells and the option of either Yamaha’s TCS playing surfaces or mesh heads, plus acoustic-style hi-hats and the excellent DTX-PRO-X module see this one romp home in your top three for the year. 

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