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Best Buy’s massive MacBook Pro deals could be Prime Day beaters – save up to $800 today

Best Buy’s massive MacBook Pro deals could be Prime Day beaters – save up to $800 today
(Image credit: Apple)

When it comes to the best laptops for music production, Apple’s MacBook Pro series has proven itself a winner time and time again. While the MBP has always been praised for its consistent hardware and compatibility, rock-solid performance and hassle-free operation for generations, if you’ve ever looked at upgrading your own laptop you’ll know all too well that this level of performance isn't cheap.

That’s why we’re constantly hunting for the best prices on Apple’s flagship laptop, and with only a few days to go before the Prime Day music deals officially kick off, Best Buy has got in there early with what we reckon will be some unbeatable deals on three MacBook Pros.

First up is a saving of $300 on a 2020 Macbook Pro 13-inch model. This laptop comes loaded with 8GB RAM, an i5 processor and 512SSD, and can be yours for just $1,599.99 right now. 

If you only want the latest model then this is a fantastic deal, but those in-the-know would advise that in order to get a stunning deal on a MacBook Pro, you should opt for a heavily-spec’d model from a previous year.

And here's where these offers get really interesting. Best Buy has applied some huge discounts to its in-stock 2019 models, knocking $700 off the 15.4-inch, 16GB, i9 version and a massive $800 off the 15.4-inch, 32GB model complete with 1TB SSD.

Whether you're looking for an all-round studio computer, or a second model to use for recording or performances when you're away from your main setup, all three of these laptops will provide you with more than enough power and storage to run a DAW with plenty of headroom for audio tracks and plugins.

If you're eager to bag a great Prime Day deal but can't wait until net week, we’d suggest you jump on these asap and secure your laptop now!

MacBook Pro 13-inch (8GB, 512GB): $1,899, now $1,599
The perfect laptop for making music on-the-go, this 13-inch 2020 MacBook Pro will have you covered when you're away from your studio. Its super-fast SSD storage means it's quick to boot-up and, combined with the 8th-gen i5 processor and 8GB RAM, will handle your projects while you're away from your studio machine. Save $300 right now!View Deal

MacBook Pro 15.4-inch (16GB, 512GB): $2,799, now $2,099
If you're looking for more memory and screen real estate then the 15.4-inch Macbook Pro is the answer. Giving you more space to work with multiple screens in your DAW, the bigger screen size is a joy to use. Plus, with twice as much RAM you'll find plugin-heavy projects run more smoothly. Right now it's available with $700 off.View Deal

MacBook Pro 15.4-inch (32GB, 1TB): $3,499, now $2,699
This MacBook Pro comes packing a massive 32GB RAM and 1TB of speedy SSD storage, and all for $800 less than the usual asking price. All of this adds up to a powerful and versatile laptop that can perform double-duty as your main studio computer, or a portable counterpart that you're unlikely to max-out.View Deal