NAMM 2024: AlphaTheta Corporation's Wave-Eight is a take-anywhere party speaker with an all-new "ultra-low-latency" wireless audio technology

NAMM 2024: AlphaTheta is a new brand that has come out of Pioneer DJ and is launching a whole range of new DJ products at NAMM. We've already reported on its portable party DJ device, OMNIS-DUO, and here's the ideal speaker to go with it. 

Sadly, unlike OMNIS-DUO, this new Wave-Eight speaker is not inspired by an item of clothing, but does sound like the ideal portable and wireless speaker to take anywhere and soundtrack a party with. 

Wave-Eight can be moved around like a piece of airport luggage on a trolley with a handle, so is portable enough to taken out and about, and its wireless credentials and battery-powered operation should mean an easy setup when you get there.


(Image credit: AlphaTheta)

Wave-Eight uses AlphaTheta's new SonicLink technology which is an "ultra-low-latency" standard that apparently transmits audio way faster than Bluetooth. Latency is one of the older technology's Achilles heels – there's simply too much delay using Bluetooth, and it is especially noticeable when playing and recording music. If SonicLink does what it claims - cuts down the latency to "a fraction of a second" - then there should be little delay between pressing play on your decks and hearing the results through Wave-Eight. As AlphaTheta says, it should "let you mix without missing a beat".

Wave-Eight comes with its own transmitter – something that is increasingly common with higher spec'd wireless systems – that you plug into your music source, and the speaker then receives the music from that source, presumably at that much faster speed than Bluetooth can muster.


(Image credit: AlphaTheta)

Wave-Eight also features a newly developed 8-inch driver and a 'Vortex Bass Accelerator', which is designed to deliver a clearer and more powerful low end response. You can also connect up multiple speakers, maybe using one as a subwoofer, via various setup modes that include Mono, Stereo, and Subwoofer.

Handily, the Wave-Eight is fully waterproof and will give you around eight hours of use on a full charge. It comes with a built-in pole socket too so you can mount it on a separate stand. 

Wave-Eight costs $899 a unit and there's more information at the AlphaTheta website


(Image credit: AlphaTheta)
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