NAMM 09 highlights

Wow-ee. NAMM has been good to us so far this year. I won't say too much now as NAMM is being covered in depth by our sister-site

Music Radar

href>, just some quick reactions to what has been announced thus far.

In case you didn't already know, above is the new Akai controller, specifically built for Ableton Live. It's one of the most attractive things I've seen in all my days and, if the price is right, I can see a place for it in every Ableton users studio and stage. I've long pondered the question of why hardware controllers don't just perfectly mimic the software screen and now that Akai have finally copped, hopefully many many will follow.

And NAMM wouldn't be NAMM without an obligatory Ableton Live update - welcome baby 8! You can read all about it in the new issue of FM or on

Music Radar's NAMM blog

href>. Very exciting stuff, especially the new Max for Live application. It's great to see Ableton constantly evolving their product in new ways and not succumbing to the pressure from some areas to add more 'DAW-like' features. Check out the video of it in action. Fantastic stuff.

Other highlights include NI's new Maschine - an MPC-style software controller with a focus on groove and mouse-less control and

Roland's re-launch of their AX keytar range

href>. Bundled with 14,000 drum sounds, Maschine sounds like a all-in solution for your drum production. Or at least that's the idea. As usual, for more info, head to

Music Radar's NAMM coverage page

href>. On top of ALL of that there's also the announcement of Cubase 5, FXpansion's D-CAM Synth Squad, UAD-2 Laptop card and Melodyne's exciting Direct Note Access software.



-specific coverage (let's face it, there's

a lot

to see in LA), head to our main-man with the plan, Editor

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In the meantime though,

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