Future Music 258, on sale now!

Pick up the latest issue now!
Pick up the latest issue now!

It's issue 258 and our Apple Newsstand edition now comes COMPLETE with our video BUILT-IN. Get In The Studio With trance legend Armin van Buuren right there streaming from within the app!

PLUS inside there's a link to download all our samples, tutorial files, audio examples and more! Want the mag digitally, instantly, globally? Digital FM really is everything in the magazine and DVD.

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So what's in this issue?

Powerful kicks and snares are two of the most elusive qualities for producers. They are the elements that can make or break a track both for the dancefloor or the radio -in fact many classic tracks are still remembered for their snare treatments alone. In this feature we break down what it takes to deliver punchy, powerful kicks through layering, EQing and avoiding the dreaded phase cancellation so common in the low end. We also explain how to get snares with bite and depth with compression, transient design and more.

This month we get up close and personal with the trance hero Armin van Buuren and find out what it's like to spend 15-years at the top of your game. Plus, on DVD we breakdown his production process by taking apart his latest hit 'Suddenly Summer'. Also -Squarepusher opens his door to the FM team and talks synths, software and his ground-breaking new live show.

Our reviews section is packed with the latest studio gems including the return of the rack in the Roland Integra-7. Plus we preview the new Mashine, Apollo Quartet, CDJ-2000nexus and more.

Want a sneak peek of our Armin van Buuren movie? Check out the trailer above. Remember: The full version is only available with this month's Future Music.

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