Future Music's new digital edition: All you need to know

BIG NEWS: From issue 250 our Apple Newsstand edition comes COMPLETE with our video BUILT-IN. Get our In The Studio With videos and more right there in the app! PLUS inside there's a link to download all our samples, tutuorial files, audio examples and more! For the first time, digital FM really is everything in the magazine and DVD... Only on your iDevice, cheaper and faster!

Got an iPad, iPhone or iPod? Go to Apple's Newsstand here. Got Android? Or want to read on your Mac or PC desktop? Go to Zinio here. Single issues are yours for just £2.99!

Here's how it works:

On iPad, iPhone or iPod?

Download our free app for iOS here. Or search on your device for Future Music. Buy an issue inside and you can back it up to your iTunes, delete it and restore it for free, and read the FULL print magazine on the move with no internet connection necessary.

Keep an eye out for the big blue play buttons on the pages inside that will stream in accompanying video for selected features, such as our famous In The Studio With sessions with star producers. They look like this:

Want our samples, tutorial files and audio examples? They're included too. There's a link inside the digital mag for you to use on your studio computer to get at the the goodies that your iPad wouldn't know what to do with.

So you really do get everything you get with the print mag + DVD!

On Android? Or want a version to read on your PC or Mac?

Future Music uses a service called Zinio. Go to www.zinio.com or download the Zinio app on your device's app store. Unfortunately there's no built-in video in our Zinio version yet, but they're working on it. However, your Zinio purchase does feature that link that allows you to download our samples, tutorial files and audio examples to your desktop. ie, everything except In The Studio With which we can't offer for download for legal reasons.


If I buy the digital mag is there anything I'll be missing from the paper mag and DVD?

No. The combination of streaming video in the App and download for all the samples and studio files for your desktop computer means you really do get everything. (Zinio purchase does not yet include In The Studio With video.)

So there's an App with video built in... AND a download?

Yes. We've put all the files that your iOS device wouldn't know what to do with (the thousands of free samples that come free with each issue, Logic, Cubase and Live program files, and audio examples of our review kit) in our Vault. There's a link inside the app that you can use with your 'full-size' computer. After a quick verification process they're there for you to download from your browser. No more discs to lose - they're all there in your own personal Vault to download to any device, any time.

Can I delete the mag from my iOS device, then restore issues I've bought later?

Yes. Start up the app. Hit 'Issues' at the bottom, then hit 'Restore previous purchases'. This will pull through any purchases you've made to that device.

How come I don't see issues I've bought on my iPad appearing on my iPhone?

As above, go to 'Issues' and 'Restore Purchases'. This will update that device with any purchases you made on another. Or sync the device with the purchase on to your iTunes. Then sync other devices to that iTunes to pass on your issues and subscription.

I'm sold. You guys are crazy. And I love you. Where do I go from here?

Get even further in the mood by watching one of our In The Studio With trailer movies below. Then click Apple's Newsstand here. Got Android? Or want to read on your Mac or PC desktop? Go to Zinio here. Single issues are yours for - an impossible to keep up for long - £2.99!

Daniel Griffiths

Daniel Griffiths is a veteran journalist who has worked on some of the biggest entertainment, tech and home brands in the world. He's interviewed countless big names, and covered countless new releases in the fields of music, videogames, movies, tech, gadgets, home improvement, self build, interiors and garden design. He’s the ex-Editor of Future Music and ex-Group Editor-in-Chief of Electronic Musician, Guitarist, Guitar World, Computer Music and more. He renovates property and writes for MusicRadar.com.