Future Music 223 On Sale Today!

Future Music

223 is officially on sale today! It looks like this! Yes, we know some WH Smiths had it on sale on Saturday. But that's because they love it!

The theme this month is 'decades' both past and present. We've a round up of the hot new gear that'll take you through 2010 and beyond AND the results of our Gear Of The Decade awards.

It´s incredible to think that the noughties are over so quickly. But what has felt like a gradual change in music making has actually been surprisingly pronounced when you look at the facts. In the last 10 years we´ve seen massive keyboard workstations giving way to a laptop and software and elastic audio granting the power to make anything happen.

Hardware samplers are mostly consigned to eBay while the resurgence in classic analogue hardware grows ever more fierce. We look back at the last ten years and pick out the landmarks that shaped music in our Gear Of The Decade feature.

Likewise we look to the decade ahead across this issue, from the first wave of new gear in our Filter section to our review zone which sees not only the successor to clubland´s most popular DJ kit (the Pioneer CDJ-2000 gets reviewed for starters) but the return of Korg´s critically lauded but criminally under-employed Wavedrum. We´ve got the new generation of this amazing hardware reviewed too.

And this month we´ve more tuition (with more audio, video and project files on the disc) than ever before - backed up with a trio of In The Studio specials, from
Joris Voorn, Sharam Jey and American legends The Crystal Method.

Check out the trailers below for a taster of the goodness on 223's free DVD!

Another packed issue! And if you're in any danger of not finding a copy you can:

A) Email us at futuremusic@futurenet.co.uk and tell us where you expected to see one (and we'll have words with our excellent circulation department and Mr Newsagent sharpish). Or...

B) Head to myfavouritemagazines.com and secure a copy via our online store there. (Go 'Music', 'Future Music', 'Buy A Back Issue' and go for 'February 2010'.)

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