Free sample pack with Computer Music 179: Ultimate Percussion

Ultimate Percussion
Ultimate Percussion

Looking for free samples of superbly recorded percussion instruments and mental electronic hits? Our Ultimate Percussion sample pack is what you seek! It's free with the print edition of Computer Music magazine issue 179.

Ultimate Percussion contains 1831 samples in total: 621 loops, 350 acoustic hits, 181 synthetic hits, and 38 multisampled instruments (679 samples). The sounds cover both traditional and electronic percussion. Instruments include bells, cabasas, tambourines, timpani, and many more.

All sounds are in 24-bit WAV format, including patches for Native Instruments Battery and Computer Music's Alchemy Player CM instrument (SFZ format).

Get it now with Computer Music magazine issue 179- the mag also comes with the amazing CM EQ Pack plug-ins, loads of video tutorials, features galore, reviews of the latest software, and much more!

Take a listen to Ultimate Percussion with our demo reel below…

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